We conduct a limited visual inspection on every job.

 This includes an inspection of the attic, crawl space and all accessible living spaces in your home or office to find the cause or source of your mold issues.

After the inspection and the mold test; we will send the test to a certified lab to evaluate the mold. When we get the mold test back from the lab;  we will explain the lab results to you and prepare a remediation plan (or protocol) so that you can get a qualified company to get your home back to pre-loss condition.  


Swab Mold Test in an A/C Return

This video shows how we perform a mold swab test in an A/C return and what filters to replace your old filters with.

Wall Check Mold​ Testing

Testing in a wall that has had a previous leak behind the sheet-rock is a way to determine if there is a mold issues behind a wall.  We can't see mold growing behind a wall,  so we use a device to pull the air from behind the wall into a small air cassette.   This is called a "wall check mold test".

We make a small hole in the sheetrock and insert a small tube into the wall cavity.  The air is pulled from behind the wall for a designated time and pulled into a cassette that is sent to a certified lab for testing. 

 After we pull the sample for the test;  we plug the hole until the results from the test come back from the lab.  This prevents any spores that may be behind the wall from escaping into the non- affected room air.

Room Air Check​ Mold Test

To test the levels of non-viable mold spores present in the air in a room; we use an air cell cassette.  This cassette runs for a designated length of time in a room and pulls the mold spores into a cassette.   The cassette is then sent to  a certified lab to test the cassette to see what kind of mold spores are in the air. 

Tape Lift or Swap Testing for Mold

When we want to check for molds on surfaces; we use a mold check swab or tape lift test.  These tests can pull the mold off a surface and we send the sealed swab or tape in for a certified lab to evaluate the type/types of mold present on a surface.

A Typical Mold Test

A typical mold test would include any or all of the above mentioned types of tests, a detailed report of which molds were found, and a protocol that should be followed to properly and safely remove the mold from your home.

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To find out the different types and the causes of mold and how to clean and prevent it,

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