Basic Mold Testing Fees


  • $1,500 which includes up to seven mold test samples (including air cell cassettes, swabs, and tape lift samples). 
  • Analysis fees from an accredited laboratory.
  • Limited visual inspection of the property.
  • A consultation and explanation of the lab result findings.
  • A written protocol for remediation and repairs by a qualified company of your choice.

A basic test is based on a typical 1700 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with no crawl space.  Larger homes may require more mold samples


  1. Extra mold samples (if needed) $150 each sample
  2. Limited visual inspection of a crawl space $250
  3. Out of town expenses which include air fare and hotel if needed and/or .65/mile.  *
  4. All return trips for more testing and a clearance testing if needed (price quoted at the time of service)

Payment is due at the time of initial mold test.  We will require a deposit for out of town clients.

*Out of town base mold testing fees are higher.

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